Why we crave sweets

Why we crave sweets and how to reduce sugar cravings

One of the biggest challenge when it comes to losing weight is to let go of sugar.

But why do we crave sugar? At the biological level, sugar is immediate energy. So wen we are experience stress, we shift our state into the survival mode. In this state, we are more attracted to sugar.

There’s also a emotional aspect to craving sweets.

For me, I used to be addicted to sweets. 

ThenI realized I lack sweetness in my life.

I was working at a job I did not fully enjoy (being in the Navy).

I remember when I ate 18 Lindor chocolate in one setting. 

Biologically, we are also naturally attracted to sweets because of the quick energy boost it gives us. 

This means whenever there is a lack of energy due to a busy life, a stressful job or a relationship. It will create the desire to have sweets. 

The benefit of the sweets is that is does give us an energy boost and some temporary sweetness of life.

I remember 2 years ago when water randomly flood my wellness studio.

I dropped everything after I cleaned up and went and got some cookies. 

After years of being addicted to sugar, it started to effect my digestive health and my skin health.

I would break out every time I eat something sweet. 

After I got clear on what is happy making for me. Which took me a while to figure out, and I’m still in the process of refining it. 

However, I’ve found spending time with myself during mediation and taichi helped me crave sweets less. 

Creating structure and choose to commit to 100 days of taichi helped me reduce my cravings of sweets. 

Now I can say the intensity of the craving is drastically less.

What is happy making for you? 

What can you do to create more sweetness in your life?

Thank you for reading


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