holistic fitness programs

Holistic personal training

Unleash your potential at Wellness Within Studio in Long Island City, NY.

Our holistic personal training goes beyond the gym, addressing mind, body, and spirit to uncover the root of your limitations.

Achieve lasting results, feel empowered, and live vibrantly.

ELDOA alignment classes

Join our ELDOA alignment class to learn how to go inward and connect with your body.

We’ll help you create a better posture and alignment to create more freedom in your body.

Learn how to establish a strong foundation within your body that will support you in your day to day activities.

Find like-minded individuals for support and accountability as you journey towards your best self.

First Class is FREE!

nutrition coaching

Transform your relationship with food! Ditch the diet drama and discover sustainable nourishment through personalized Nutrition Coaching.

Explore the “why” behind your choices, develop intuitive eating habits, and fuel your body for optimal health.

We’ll create a plan that fits your unique lifestyle, empowering you to feel confident, energized, and in control around food.

holistic lifestyle coaching

Unleash your wellspring of wellness with Holistic Lifestyle Coaching at Wellness Within Studio.

We go beyond surface-level solutions, addressing mind, body, and spirit to uncover the root of what holds you back.

Break down limiting beliefs, develop empowering habits, and create a personalized roadmap to lasting health and happiness. Imagine feeling vibrant, fulfilled, and in control of your life.

root cause analysis

Tired of temporary fixes for your chronic pain? Discover the underlying cause with Root Cause Analysis at

Wellness Within Studio. Ditch the pain cycle and find lasting relief in Long Island City.

Understand the true source of your discomfort and pave the way for a pain-free future.

pain free program

Reclaim your life from chronic pain!

Our Pain-Free Program goes beyond temporary solutions, offering personalized guidance for sustainable pain relief and a return to the activities you love.

We’ll develop a plan that targets your unique needs, empowering you to live a life unburdened by pain.

pelvic floor wellness for mothers

Motherhood shouldn’t mean pelvic floor problems.

Regain pelvic strength and control with our specialized Pelvic Floor Wellness program.

Experience postpartum healing, renewed confidence in Long Island City.

Don’t settle for discomfort – reclaim your comfort and vitality.

sauna and ice bath

Maximize your recovery and boost your wellness with Sauna and Ice Bath Therapy.

Reduce inflammation, optimize performance, and unlock deeper relaxation at Wellness Within Studio.

Experience the transformative power of hot-cold therapy for both body and mind.

foundation breathwork

Unlock the power of your breath to reduce stress, improve focus, and enhance your overall well-being.

Experience transformative breathwork with our Foundation program in Long Island City.

Learn simple yet profound techniques to calm your mind and revitalize your body.

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