Root Cause Analysis

Find The Missing Link In Your Healing Journey

What is Root Cause analysis?

This is design to help you gain clarity on what other hidden factors that is preventing you from healing your pain from a holistic perspective. 

The holistic approach means we look at your entire body. Including your eyes, jaw, spine function,  organ function, breathing function, core functions, chakra imbalances, movement function, joint range of motion to figure out what is driving your pain. 

For example, knee and back pain can come from poor digestive health. Shoulder and neck pain can come from inability to breath using the right muscle(diaphragm). 

The most common reason for chronic pain I’ve found is due to compression and inflammation. In this case, we use the ELDOA method to target the specific spine or joint that creates compression. 


Who is this for?

  1. If you feel as if you’ve tried EVERYTHING and nothing works. 
  2. If you’ve been in chronic pain for years and are sick and tired of it and want to get out of pain and gain health freedom. It’s possible. 
  3. If you’ve ever been dismissed by doctors or been told surgery, injection, or lifelong medication is the only choice. Hint: it’s not.
  4. If you have been looking for a wholistic approach that looks at your body as a whole and help you under how everything in the body is CONNECTED.


My journey from frustration, confusion and in pain to being free of pain and having a deeper connection with my body.

I’ve personally suffered from chronic pain for over 7 years. I had low back, hip, ankle, neck and shoulder pain for 10 years of bodybuilding and 4 years of powerlifting. I went to physical therapist, chiropractor, acupuncture, massage therapy, and many many other approach and they all HELPED! But none was able to help me connect the dots and help me understand what’s really going on with my body until I found CHEK institute and the ELDOA method. After I practice the foundation of mindset, breathing, hydration, nutrition, sleep and movement. I was able to get myself out of pain. I have been pain free for the last 4 years. Occasionally, I would get back and shoulder ache, which I am able to reset my posture with ELDOA. – Enqing 

Investment - $197 - 90 minutes

You can start with a clarity call below or book a root cause analysis by clicking here.

What is involved in the Root Cause Analysis?

Part 1: Structural Assessment

If we are not assessing the body, we are guessing.

We look at every part of the body to make sure we know exactly what your body is telling us and then we can show you how we can help you realignment your body. 

We look 47 different structural alignment point to see if your body is in alignment or if it is out of alignment. 

Part 2: Breathing Assessment

Breath is life force in Chinese medicine. When we don’t breath well. We deprive our body for the life force it needs to operate normally. 

Research shows 9 out of 10 people has poor breathing pattern. This means they use their shoulders and neck muscle to breath instead of their diaphragm. This will create chronic neck and shoulder tension. 

By improving your ability to use your diaphragm, you will be able to feel safer, calmer, more energy, improve sleep, improve digestion and much much more. 

Part 3: Deep Core and Pelvic Floor Assessment

The deep core and pelvic floor function is critical for proper spine, hip and joint health. It is an important groups of muscle that stabilizes the spine and the hips. Lack of stability from muscle support will put pressure on the spine and joints. 

Every exercise without the deep core and pelvic floor activated WILL lead to compression of the joints around the spine, hip, and knee. Proper breathing pattern is a pre-requisite for good deep core activation.

Part 4: Six Function Movement Pattern Assessment

The 6 functional movement pattern is the 6 most important pattern all human need to be able to do in order to live a life without pain.

These patterns are the squat, bend, push, pull, twist and gait patterns. The inability to perform these pattern will result in compensating patterns that creates tension in the body.

Our goal is to help our client optimize their functional patterns so they can do the activities they love without ever having to worries about if their body can keep up.

Part 5: Organ, Jaw, Eyes, and Ear

Our organs is what keeps us alive and thriving. In Chinese medicine, our emotions can also be store in our organs. For example, liver holds anger. And liver issues can create low back pain. This is called referral pain.

On the physical level, when our organs are inflamed, it shuts off our deep core and pelvic floor function. This is another reason why it is important to address nutrition and hydration in order to get out of pain and stay out of pain.

The jaw alignment effects the alignment of our entire spine. We also store excess stress in our jaw. Eyes and ear can drive chronic pain because they’re function is more important than joint pain. 

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