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A good starting point is drinking half of your body weight in ounces. Another way is to check your urine color. It should be very light yellow. If it is yellow or dark yellow, you’re a bit dehydrated.

Most tap water is heavily treated with chemicals. It is a good idea to install a water filter or drink spring water.

Most filtered water does not contain enough minerals. And when you drink that water, it will actually take minerals from your body so that your body can absorb the water to use it. But you can try adding high-quality sea salt or Himalayan pink salt to the water to raise its mineral content, which will also increase its pH level. You may also find that it tastes better.

No, they do not count because anything other than water has to go through your digestive system. Pure water has a dilution effect on the body. When our body has a lot of toxins from stress and poor quality food, water can be a great detoxifier. “The best solution for pollution is dilution” – Paul Chek.

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