How to reduce low back pain with ELDOA method

Eldoa: A Holistic Approach to Reducing Low Back Pain


Chronic low back pain affects millions worldwide, significantly impacting quality of life and productivity. Traditional treatments often provide limited relief, prompting the need for innovative approaches. Enter Eldoa, a groundbreaking method that offers a holistic and effective solution for alleviating low back pain.


The Eldoa Method: A Comprehensive Approach


Eldoa is a system of exercises developed by French osteopath Guy Voyer. It combines specific body postures, breathing techniques, and neuromuscular stimulation to target the deep muscles and connective tissues surrounding the spine. Unlike traditional exercises, Eldoa focuses on activating and strengthening these often-neglected structures, which play a crucial role in spinal stability and pain reduction.


The Eldoa method works by:

Releasing tension in the deep fascia: Fascia, a network of connective tissue that envelops muscles, tendons, and organs, can become tight and restricted, contributing to pain. Eldoa exercises stretch and release the fascia, restoring its flexibility and reducing pressure on pain-sensitive nerves. By releasing tight and dehydrated fascias around the low back, you will be able to open the space in the low back which reduces low back pain.


Strengthening core muscles: The deep core muscles, including the transversus abdominis, multifidus, and pelvic floor, are essential for stabilizing the spine and reducing pain. Eldoa exercises specifically target these muscles, enhancing their strength and endurance. Once these muscles are strengthen, your back will feel supported, thus decreasing low back pain.


Improving neuromuscular control: Eldoa exercises require precise coordination and body awareness. By practicing these movements, individuals can improve their neuromuscular control, which helps them maintain proper posture and reduce the risk of re-injury. Low back pain can come from unconscious using the back instead of the hip or core. By training our body to use the right muscles, you will experience less low back pain.


Clinical Evidence

Numerous studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of Eldoa in alleviating low back pain. For instance, a 2016 study published in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science found that Eldoa exercises significantly reduced pain and improved function in patients with chronic low back pain. Another study published in the Journal of Back and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation in 2019 reported that Eldoa was more effective than conventional physiotherapy in reducing pain and disability in patients with discogenic low back pain.

Benefits of Eldoa

In addition to alleviating low back pain, Eldoa offers several other benefits:

Improved posture: Eldoa exercises help align the spine and pelvis, correcting postural imbalances that can contribute to pain.

Reduced risk of injury: By strengthening the deep core muscles, Eldoa can help stabilize the spine and reduce the risk of re-injury.

Enhanced mobility: Eldoa exercises improve flexibility and range of motion, making everyday activities more comfortable.


Eldoa is a revolutionary approach to alleviating low back pain that offers a comprehensive and effective solution. By targeting the deep muscles and connective tissues surrounding the spine, Eldoa releases tension, strengthens core muscles, and improves neuromuscular control. Clinical evidence supports its effectiveness in reducing pain, improving function, and enhancing overall well-being. If you suffer from chronic low back pain, consider incorporating Eldoa into your treatment plan to experience its transformative benefits.


Low back pain is a common problem that can affect people of all ages. While there are many different causes of low back pain, there are also a number of things you can do to help relieve your pain and speed up your recovery.

One of the most important things to do when you have low back pain is to avoid certain activities that can aggravate your pain. These activities include:

Lifting heavy objects.  When you lift something heavy, you put a lot of strain on your back muscles. This can lead to pain, stiffness, and even injury. If you need to lift something heavy, be sure to do it correctly. Bend your knees and lift with your legs, not your back.

Sitting for long periods of time. Sitting for long periods of time can put pressure on your back and lead to pain. If you have to sit for long periods of time, be sure to get up and move around every 20-30 minutes. You can also try using a lumbar support pillow to help support your back.

Sleeping on your stomach. Sleeping on your stomach can put a lot of strain on your back. This is because it forces your spine to curve unnaturally. If you have back pain, try sleeping on your side or back instead.

Wearing high heels. High heels can put a lot of pressure on your back and lead to pain. This is because they force your body to lean forward, which puts strain on your back muscles. If you have back pain, avoid wearing high heels.

Smoking. Smoking can damage the discs in your back, which can lead to pain and stiffness.


If you’d like to learn more about how ELDOA help you reduce and eliminate low back pain or other chronic pain. You can email us or put in your info and we will reach out!


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