ELDOA alignment classes


Discover the joy of movement and the power of community with Eldoa Alignment Classes at Wellness Within Studio.

Our classes are designed to promote alignment, strength, and balance in a supportive group setting.

ELDOA alignment class schedule (50 mins):

Mon, Wed at 7pm

Tues, Thurs, Sat at 9am

Tues, Thur at 6pm.


At Wellness Within Studio, we understand the importance of proper alignment in fostering a healthy body.

Our eldoa classes, led by experienced instructors, provide personalized attention within a communal atmosphere.

With our program, you can expect:


Our Eldoa Alignment Classes cater to individuals seeking relief from chronic pain in areas such as back, neck, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, and TMJ.

Experience the benefits of our alignment-focused approach.

Class highlights include:


Embark on a path to better alignment and overall wellness. Enroll in Eldoa Alignment Classes at Wellness Within Studio.

Take the first step towards a balanced and pain-free life.

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What is ELDOA?

ELDOA is a series of postures that creates alignment in the spine. Once you’re in this position, you will hold the position for at least one minute, you will be using your myofascial within your body to create space, decompress your spine. At the same time you are strengthening your spinal muscles. This helps your spine be more mobile and flexible. The positions are challenging, and very rewarding as you will feel taller, lighter, calmer and less stiffness and tension after each ELDOA alignment poses.

ELDOA is a form of targeted exercise therapy. By changing the position of our hands and legs, we can target specific part of your vertebrae in your spine. All the nerves runs through your spine. For example, someone with low back disc bulge/herniation can do the ELDOA posture specifically for the low back, this will open the space between in the low back to allow the nerve to communicate with your hip and lower body more clearly. 

In other words, ELDOA alignment posture not only helps with spine health, it also affects your organs and hormonal health because the nerve that supports your organs and hormones comes out of your spine. Think of nerves as the communication channel of the body, when the spine is stiff, the nerve communication is restricted to a certain degree. When the space is open between the vertebrae, the. The communication is more clear. One example to demonstrate this is a water hose. When the water host has a kink in there, the flow slows down or stops completely. When there’s no kink, the flow is open and free.

What Clients Are Saying About the Alignment Class

I came in with my knees hurting, my hips were stiff and tension throughout my body. The class was challenging and worth every movement. About a third of the way through I felt a huge shift, my body, my breath and my mind felt aligned and centered. When we were done I felt my whole body as one. No more compartmentalizing. Stress and tension released. Enqing also gave us instruction on breathing which helps anchor and regulate our bodies. Thank you Enqing for an amazing experience. I will be back.

-Clara T.

I had the pleasure of taking an ELDOA Alignment class at Wellness Within. The studio was conveniently located, very clean and welcoming. The owner Enqing greeted us and told us what to expect and a little about his coaching philosophy. I can't say enough about the class! It was both challenging and relaxing at the same time. In that one session, I definitely felt a difference in my neck, shoulders and lower back - all areas I hold pain and/or stress. I plan on buying a class package and learning more about this practice. I saw on their website they also offer infrared sauna and ice bath services, so looking forward to trying those as well!

-Virginia M.

Really love this class. I am a runner and was feeling unbalanced. The instructor really pays attention to detail for each participant if they did it right or wrong. I can tell the difference of my body even after one class. Really recommend this place.

-Elis B.

Enqing and David are both so amazing and attentive!! Had a great class. They modified the exercises so I could feel the stretch and feel my posture improving. Can’t recommend them enough if you have chronic pain or want to improve your posture.

-Puja A.

I felt better after just one class. Deep breaths and stretches really manage to relax and open the body and to connect with your core. Enqing corrects the postures gently but you can feel the difference.It's a great class for those of us who spend 8 hours sitting in front of the computer.

-Beatriz B

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