Holistic Personal Training

What is Holistic Personal training?

Holistic personal training focuses on looking at the body as a whole instead of separate parts. We integrate breathing, deep core activation, and alignment with every movement because these sets the foundation of stability and strength for every other movement. Without breath, core or alignment, there will be less stability and energy within the body. We perform a series of 4 part assessment before we design a tailor program to anyone who’s looking to improve their health and well-being.

Who is this for? This is for you if you're looking for:

Part 1: Structural Assessment

If we are not assessing the body, we are guessing.

We look at every part of the body to make sure we know exactly what your body is telling us and then we can show you how we can help you realignment your body. 

We look 47 different structural alignment point to see if your body is in alignment or if it is out of alignment. 

Part 2: Breathing Assessment

Nine out of ten individuals are losing out on the benefits of proper breathing.

The consequences? Tense muscles in the neck and shoulders and a host of other ailments.

But fixing your inhale-exhale technique can help you reach your ideal weight, get more restful sleep, have increased energy, improved focus, and better digestion and detoxification processes, plus an alleviated inflammatory response.

Take our fast test right now to see if you’re at risk of a breathing issue. Don’t miss out on this simple, crucial step toward maximizing your health!

Part 3: Deep Core Assessment

After assessing over 500 people who experiencing aches, pain and tension in their body. Zero out of 500 had proper deep core activation. The deep core aka transverse abdominis muscle is one of the most important muscle that protects and stabilizes our spine and hip. 

Every exercise without the deep core activated WILL lead to compression of the joints around the spine, hip, and knee. Proper breathing pattern is a pre-requisite for good deep core activation.

Part 4: Six Primal Pattern Assessment

The 6 primal pattern is the 6 most important pattern all human need to be able to do in order to live a life without pain.

These patterns are the squat, bend, push, pull, twist and gait patterns. The inability to perform these pattern will result in compensating patterns that creates tension in the body.

Our goal is to help our client optimize their primal patterns so they can do the activities they love without ever having to worries about if their body can keep up.

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