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New Group Alignment Classes

Are you experiencing chronic pain, fatigue, anxiety? If so, our group alignment class if the answer for you!


Our goal for the group class is to help you how to create a strong foundation so you can prevent and reduce pain, lose weight, sleep better.



1. By activating your inner stability system.

2. By creating alignment of posture and joints.

3. By using breath centered movement to create harmony in the body.

4. By creating SPACE in your spine and your joints.


Our group alignment class focus on QUALITY of movement.


Your first class is FREE.


Your journey toward wellness within you.

Schedule your phone call

Schedule your call with me through email or text. I’m friendly, I promise! First, I will get to know you and your story, what you’ve tried, and i’ll let you know if I can help you or not.

Discovery Visit

If you decide that you like what we talked about during our call, and I think I can help you, you have the option of coming in for a Discovery Visit. This is your chance to ask me any questions you have and see feels right to you.

Do what you love again

This is what you’re here for. My program has helped hundreds of health conscious adults just like you. I will help you get back the health you deserve without yoyo dieting or needing to rely on harmful, unsustainable methods.

Why choose Wellness Within?

We focus on finding the ROOT cause of what is holding you back and get you back to helping you feel your best!

We use a science base approach to help you align and balance your body through breath and core integration.

We use in depth assessment to make sure what we’re doing is what your body needs with measurable results.


What our clients say about us

George Pushchinsky
George Pushchinsky
October 17, 2023.
Enqing was great at working with me on overall wellness and how to think differently about maintaining my body. I have a newfound understanding of internal systems and how to promote wellness. Thank you
September 22, 2023.
I've been wanting to write a review for a while but it's hard to put into words how much my life changed once I walked through the door of Wellness Within. I found this place advertised to me on Facebook. It probably appeared because I had been researching back surgery. I was having trouble walking, was at times using a wheelchair or a cane, at times having extremely painful flare ups. I had been managing pain from a herniated disc for years. It started affecting my function of my leg because it was compressing my nerve root which was causing harm to my ankle. By the time I thought to give this a shot, physical therapy hadn't fixed my issues and I was pretty sure I would need surgery, specifically spinal fusion. I had mostly given up on my ability to do many things that brought me joy in life. I started working with Enqing and right away, I saw progress. My physical therapist started taking notes on what I was doing because she was amazed. The more I did it, the better my body felt. I committed to his wholistic program and made changes to my life that I never thought possible. I am not someone who changes easily or is good at sticking with new routines -- but it was working after so many things had failed. I stopped drinking, I do daily stretches and breathing that support my body, I'm more aware of how I feel in my body and how to move with ease and without pain. I am beyond managing pain now and can honestly say I feel stronger than I ever have. I am eternally grateful for Enqing for giving me the tools and support I needed to avoid a very risky surgery. I haven't had a pain flare since I started this program seven months ago. I can't recommend this program enough, especially if you are considering back surgery.
Екатерина Ожерельева
Екатерина Ожерельева
September 19, 2023.
Today was my first class , and it’s was amazing! I’ve felt pain in my back for years , but after the first class I learned what was my problem and now my back is feeling better - after the first class , no kidding. I have learned where is my stuck , and I’ll improve it day by day ! Thank you Enqing Li!
mars plater
mars plater
September 15, 2023.
I learned so much about my body here, and how to counteract the impacts of a desk job! I love the group classes and private sessions with Enqing were so helpful. Thanks, Wellness Within!
Darlene Lee
Darlene Lee
September 15, 2023.
Great classes and instruction. Just what I needed.
September 15, 2023.
Wonderful experience. Have scoliosis and neck/back pain and this class made me feel hopeful about getting my body back in alignment.
sofia sheremey
sofia sheremey
September 13, 2023.
Very informative class and it leaves you feeling great afterwards!
jahrea brown
jahrea brown
September 11, 2023.
this class is truly amazing. the focus on the alignment of the spine is incredible. the instruction was clear and well communicated. 10/10 recommend🤍
Pam Patip
Pam Patip
September 10, 2023.
I can't praise the Wellness Within holistic therapy program and Enqing, a certified CHEK practitioner, enough. Chronic stress had taken a toll on me, leading to excruciating neck and back pain. Enqing was my lifeline, guiding me to a pain-free life and holistic wellness. Enqing's expertise is unmatched. From our first session, it was clear he cared deeply about my well-being. He not only relieved my physical pain but also addressed its root causes. My neck's regained mobility felt like a miracle after the manual sessions and exercises he assigned me. What sets Enqing apart is his commitment to my journey and his passion to practicing what he preaches. He tailored the program to my needs, offering unwavering support and guidance. He taught me to listen to my body, a skill I now cherish for lifelong health. Wellness Within is an invaluable investment in oneself. Thanks to Enqing, I've found relief from pain, conquered stress, and embraced a happier, healthier life. Don't hesitate; this program is a game-changer!
Aoi Sakagami
Aoi Sakagami
September 10, 2023.
I tried the group alignment session for the first time. The class was very practical yet insightful. Enqing is friendly and knowledgeable. He taught us how to correctly breathe using core muscles to align/position spine. I could take away those techniques and incorporate them to my daily exercises. Thank you so much for your expertise and input! Highly recommended.
“Happiness is getting what you want. Success is wanting what you get.”

About Enqing

Enqing found his passion for helping people to achieve their best health when he joined the Navy in 2011. 7 years spent in the navy as a command fitness leader enabled him to help and guide sailors to get healthier and stronger.
After exiting the navy, he decided to fully pursue a career in health and wellness. He completed his bachelors in exercise science, became certified as both a personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and as a holistic lifestyle coach and integrative movement coach at the Chek Institute.
His dream is to help people to start living life with more energy and connection to their body and mind by finding the root cause of what is holding them back without relying on crash diets or medications.


What We Do

my coaching philosophy

In order to help my clients achieve long term sustainable results. They all go through 3 phases.

Phase 1

Creating a core foundation

This is where you will learn how to create a healthy base where you allow your body to heal (i.e. lose weight, overcome pain, etc) pain instead of forcing your body to lose weight. The main area we will dive into is the 6 foundational principle of health.

Phase 2


This happens when you’ve incorporated the practices from the 6 principles. This is where you will feel so much more energy, less pain, and where fat loss really starts to accelerate.

Phase 3

Lifestyle Optimization

This way you will learn the tools and skills to keep the results you’ve gotten.

6 powerful practices to help

You stay healthy as you age




Our thoughts influence our attitude, which influences our behavior.




Breathing is linked to how well you manage your stress, sleep, thought, and digestion.




Food is what gives our body the nutrient to survive and thrive.




Our body is about 70% water. Dehydration can cause many issues within out body.




Sleep is mother nature’s best medicine, and it is FREE! It helps heal your body and remove toxins.




our body is designed to move, without movement, our body will decay at a faster rate.

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