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New Group Alignment Classes

Are you experiencing chronic pain, fatigue, anxiety? If so, our group alignment class if the answer for you!


Our goal for the group class is to help you how to create a strong foundation so you can prevent and reduce pain, lose weight, sleep better.



1. By activating your inner stability system.

2. By creating alignment of posture and joints.

3. By using breath centered movement to create harmony in the body.

4. By creating SPACE in your spine and your joints.


Our group alignment class focus on QUALITY of movement.


Your first class is FREE.


Your journey toward wellness within you.

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Schedule your call with me through email or text. I’m friendly, I promise! First, I will get to know you and your story, what you’ve tried, and i’ll let you know if I can help you or not.

Discovery Visit

If you decide that you like what we talked about during our call, and I think I can help you, you have the option of coming in for a Discovery Visit. This is your chance to ask me any questions you have and see feels right to you.

Do what you love again

This is what you’re here for. My program has helped hundreds of health conscious adults just like you. I will help you get back the health you deserve without yoyo dieting or needing to rely on harmful, unsustainable methods.

Why choose Wellness Within?

We focus on finding the ROOT cause of what is holding you back and get you back to helping you feel your best!

We use a science base approach to help you align and balance your body through breath and core integration.

We use in depth assessment to make sure what we’re doing is what your body needs with measurable results.


What our clients say about us

Elizabeth 'Rice' Raisa
Elizabeth 'Rice' Raisa
November 14, 2022.
Personalised, private, and hygienic. Also, a hidden gem in the neighbourhood to have a private sauna and cold bath. I had the pleasure to experience this firsthand - in the chilly spring weather, it's an addiction to not come by everyday while you receive tailored healthcare. Enqing is someone who you can trust your body, mind and soul to.
Joey Lefkowitz
Joey Lefkowitz
November 13, 2022.
I can recommend Enqing to all of you, I have personally trained High level athletes and he is the cream of the crop! Coaches and PT’s use him as well. Enqing has knowledge and skill well beyond most in an industry full of wannabe experts, but more so his passion to truly help, makes him one of the top experts in NYC. I have trained with him for the past year and my health has continued to improve. Thx brother.
Amy Du
Amy Du
November 7, 2022.
I’ve been working with Taylor as my personal trainer for a few months now and I love it. She’s been a compassionate, kind trainer who tailors her advice and my exercises based on my wants and needs. I feel like I’m listened to and developing a better life holistically. She emphasizes listening to what my body needs and thanks to her I’ve avoided a lot of foods that were previously causing me inflammation and developed better lifestyle habits too. I highly recommend Taylor as a personal trainer and I can see myself continuing with her for months to come (or however long I stay in New York).
Christine Dannang
Christine Dannang
October 28, 2022.
I've been working with Enqing for the past 5 months now and I've definitely learn a lot from the right way of breathing to correcting posture. Not only that, he's also been helping me how to regulate my emotions through handling my stress and by knowing how to work within so my energy grows. I've definitely seen a huge improvement in my mental health, and now slowly working on my physical health. I definitely recommend getting a consultation with Enqing and joining any of his classes. This is definitely the best gift I have ever given myself. It's like I'm learning different things every session. 🥰
Jerry Kuykendall
Jerry Kuykendall
October 28, 2022.
Enqing's knowledge and the way he makes you feel make you really look forward to every session! Since meeting with him, I have noticed how excitable I was, and he explained how that has impacted me in every way. His exercises have improved my posture and mobility greatly. If anyone is looking for an upgrade in their overall well being, not just physical, don't look anywhere else. Wellness Within is your place.
Kevin Malone
Kevin Malone
October 2, 2022.
Enqing is super intelligent and very knowledgeable from multiple disciplines. He clearly aims to get you out of pain and or guide you in accomplishing your goals. A true student who understands he is never done learning. Incredibly passionate about his career and lifestyle. Enqing practices what he preaches in all aspects of his life. No joke! He has so many tools in his kit! He is also very kind, compassionate and understanding which i find is super important to a teacher of any kind. I highly recommend his services if youre in pain and are in his area. This guy definitely knows whats up and can help, and if he cant i find that he is honest and will try to point you in the correct direction.
Hadrian Castro
Hadrian Castro
August 24, 2022.
Enqing, thank you so much for your time and dedication to helping others feel better, and for letting me know that there is a possible path to follow to get better. The calibration is possible when you have the tools that Enqing has. He took great precision in accounting my need for adjustment in degrees. Wrote the measurements down and gave me an overview of what needs to happen. He has instilled a new faith in my recovery. Thank you.
Sivi Ahamparam
Sivi Ahamparam
August 18, 2022.
Enching helped me improve my breathing, sleep and my gut health. I am more aware of my body now and what I need to do to lead a productive life. I recommend him highly. He knows how every part of the body works. He also knows. how to do the exercises and weights correctly.
Yejun Lin
Yejun Lin
June 30, 2022.
Enqing Is so knowledgeable at what he does! Before him, I never had a trainer that took the holistic approach. Went to him with very low energy everyday. He took me through a lot of breathing and core exercises that made me feel energetic after the workout instead of feeling drained. The gym is nice and clean. He really focuses on teaching and want you to be eventually independent on your own fitness journey. I feel so lucky to have him in the LIC neighborhood! Recommend for anyone who is under a lot of stress at work or simply wants to better their fitness.
Yi Shen
Yi Shen
June 26, 2022.
I had back problems for years. Li helped me to fix a lot of physical problems also helped me to release my stress. He is nic guy and really knows what he doing
“Happiness is getting what you want. Success is wanting what you get.”

About Enqing

Enqing found his passion for helping people to achieve their best health when he joined the Navy in 2011. 7 years spent in the navy as a command fitness leader enabled him to help and guide sailors to get healthier and stronger.
After exiting the navy, he decided to fully pursue a career in health and wellness. He completed his bachelors in exercise science, became certified as both a personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and as a holistic lifestyle coach and integrative movement coach at the Chek Institute.
His dream is to help people to start living life with more energy and connection to their body and mind by finding the root cause of what is holding them back without relying on crash diets or medications.


What We Do

my coaching philosophy

In order to help my clients achieve long term sustainable results. They all go through 3 phases.

Phase 1

Creating a core foundation

This is where you will learn how to create a healthy base where you allow your body to heal (i.e. lose weight, overcome pain, etc) pain instead of forcing your body to lose weight. The main area we will dive into is the 6 foundational principle of health.

Phase 2


This happens when you’ve incorporated the practices from the 6 principles. This is where you will feel so much more energy, less pain, and where fat loss really starts to accelerate.

Phase 3

Lifestyle Optimization

This way you will learn the tools and skills to keep the results you’ve gotten.

6 powerful practices to help

You stay healthy as you age




Our thoughts influence our attitude, which influences our behavior.




Breathing is linked to how well you manage your stress, sleep, thought, and digestion.




Food is what gives our body the nutrient to survive and thrive.




Our body is about 70% water. Dehydration can cause many issues within out body.




Sleep is mother nature’s best medicine, and it is FREE! It helps heal your body and remove toxins.




our body is designed to move, without movement, our body will decay at a faster rate.

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