What if pain is protecting you?

What if pain is protecting you?

Did you know there are people who cannot feel pain? It must be nice I thought when I heard about this. 

But then research showed these people usually die younger due to a small cut that they didn’t feel. 

Many people who experiences pain believe pain is a bad thing.

But what is the true purpose for pain?

I personally experience hip, low back, neck, shoulder, ankle and knee pain due to my 15 years of bodybuilding and powerlifting. 

I use to resent my body for giving me pain. 

It caused a lot of frustration and confusion.

Then I started to learn about how the body works. 

Biologically, our nervous system send pain to our brain as a way to let us know that something is off. Something is misaligned, something is off balance. 

It’s like driving a car and having the check engine light come on. That how cars communicate its needs before a major breakdown. 

Our body works in a similar way. Pain actually keeps us from damaging our body even further. 

What if instead of resenting our body when we experience pain, we thank our body for letting us know that something is wrong? What if we can come from a place love instead of hate?

Seeing pain this way has helped me connect with my body at a deeper level. 

Whenever I experience pain or other symptoms. I say in my head “thank you body for letting me know something is off balance.” 

Another example is when I feel my skin itching. This usually happens when I eat too much sugar or processed carbs. Instead of saying “I should’ve known” better. I thank my skin for helping my body detox because that why my skin itches.

What if you could be on the same team as your body and seek to understand instead of judge?

Thank you for your time.

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