Centring within our heart

What would be possible if you can feel more centered and ground when there’s chaos going on outside?

One practice I use to center myself is to connect to my heart.

When I sit with myself within my heart. My heart shares with me the love I have within myself.

As I breath into my heart, and ask

“What would love do now?”

And continue to breath in and breath out.

This takes me out of my head, which can be judgement and critical of myself and other when I am stressed into a state of peace, within my heart.

I call this heart breathing.

The truth of our heart is love.

The more time I spend with my heart, the more I am able to center myself and be clear on what love would say, act, and feel within a stressful situation or in a relationship.

How to breathing with our heart?

Simply put your hands over your heart.

Imagine a time where you felt love. See it as a light.

Breath this light into your heart. And see the heart open like a camera lens. Allowing the light to come into the heart.

Stay with this breathing and visualizing for a few minutes and notice what happens.

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