Why discipline may not work

Discipline is the highest form of self love.

I’ve struggled with discipline all my life. 

At first I was disciplined in school. I did it for my parents to get good grades. 

But then I realized that did not fulfilled me. 

I was disciplined for others, instead of for myself. 

I started to associate being discipline to not getting what I wanted. 

It took me over 4 years to complete my first gong (doing 20 minutes of taichi for 100 days). I finally completed September 2023. 

Once I realized that practicing discipline is a way to show up for myself, and build trust with myself. I was finally able to do it. 

What if you could see your daily movement, meditation, hydration, and self care as a way to show up for yourself? 

Would you show up more often? 

Disciplined out of lack is unsustainable. Discipline out of love for one self is one of the best way to build trust with ourselves. 

When we trust ourselves, we are about to accomplish what we put our mind to.

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