Root cause of pain part 1

One of the most difficult task is to communicate to people the ROOT cause of chronic pain.

In our culture of quick fixes, surgery , injections.

Rarely do we dig deep enough to uncover what is truly causing chronic pain .

For example, for sciatica, which is very debilitating.

A simple way to look at sciatica is compression.

Why is it being compress?

One main reason is lack of stability.

Where does stability come from?

The inner unit.

The inner unit consist of the diaphragm, pelvic floor, transverse abdominis (I call it the inner core), and multifidus (spine stabilizers).

All of people I’ve seen with chronic pain does not have a proper functioning inner unit.

Even if they trained their core at pilates or went to PT.

That is because our inner unit is connect to the inflammation in our digestive health.

When our gut is inflamed. The inner unit will not turn on. Thus, the pressure of gravity is put on the joints instead of the muscles

With Wellness Within Method. We are able to use our client turn on their inner unit within 2-3 weeks because we also teach them what food is anti inflammatory for them.

Enqing Li

“Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get.”

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