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We are looking for 12 people to utilize our HOLISTIC CHEK system for pain analysis.

We offer CUTTING EDGE protocols for our client to heal and take control of their body by teaching them the CHEK method to get you out of pain and stay out of pain for LIFE by getting to and addressing the root cause of your pain.

Our clients used to suffer from:
🙅🏻‍♂️ Chronic Fatigue
🙎🏻‍♀️ Numbness and tingling
🚷 Feeling out of balance ‼️Feeling drained from the constant pain
📛 Feel out of control of their body

Our goal is to get our clients back to doing the things they love with the people they love in as painless a way as possible.

No medication, no surgeries, Just Results.

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This is what you’re here for. My program has helped hundreds of health conscious adults just like you. I will help you get back the health you deserve without yoyo dieting or needing to rely on harmful, unsustainable methods.

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Benefits of Wellness within studio

ELDOA exercises offer several potential benefits for individuals suffering from chronic pain:

1. Pain Relief

2. Improved Posture

3. Increased Flexibility

4. Enhanced Spinal Health

5. Injury Prevention

Wellness within principles → rye’s story

Rye’s story

Rye walked in with a cane on Jan 23, 2023. He’s been in chronic back pain and left ankle pain for 3 years. He tried PT, injections, sports medicine doc, and many other modalities. 

His surgeon wanted to fuse his spine. He’s done EVERYTHING his doctor and PT had him do. Hours and hours of exercises with PT and at home…but was still in pain.

Then he found us. After a thorough assessment. I found his 6 key areas were not optimized and his alignment, breathing, and core stability were not functioning optimally among other troubled areas. After implementing the Wellness Within Method, within two months of working with us, he was COMPLETELY pain-free!! This was 2.5 months into his program. Now he’s been pain-free for 6 months! He’s now certified PAIN FREE and he worked his butt off for it! CONGRATULATIONS RYE!!!! I’m so proud of you!

Rye’s review

“I’ve been wanting to write a review for a while but it’s hard to put into words how much my life changed once I walked through the door of Wellness Within. I found this place advertised to me on Facebook. It probably appeared because I had been researching back surgery. I was having trouble walking, was at times using a wheelchair or a cane, at times having extremely painful flare ups. I had been managing pain from a herniated disc for years. It started affecting my function of my leg because it was compressing my nerve root which was causing harm to my ankle. By the time I thought to give this a shot, physical therapy hadn’t fixed my issues and I was pretty sure I would need surgery, specifically spinal fusion. I had mostly given up on my ability to do many things that brought me joy in life. I started working with Enqing and right away, I saw progress. My physical therapist started taking notes on what I was doing because she was amazed. The more I did it, the better my body felt. I committed to his wholistic program and made changes to my life that I never thought possible. I am not someone who changes easily or is good at sticking with new routines — but it was working after so many things had failed. I stopped drinking, I do daily stretches and breathing that support my body, I’m more aware of how I feel in my body and how to move with ease and without pain. I am beyond managing pain now and can honestly say I feel stronger than I ever have. I am eternally grateful to Enqing for giving me the tools and support I needed to avoid very risky surgery. ”


Why choose Wellness within in studio

We focus on looking at the body and health as a whole and addressing the 6 foundation areas that will help people get out of pain most efficiently and be independent.

Wellness Within Method can target a specific joint and spine to create space and decompress it. This is why 80% of our clients get out of pain within one session. Getting out of pain is simple once the root cause is identified, but staying out of pain requires more time to learn the practice of the 6 principles.

Western medical approach splits the body in different pieces and forgotten the body to work as a whole and not separate. For example, many clients I work with with low back pain come from organ inflammation.

problem we solve

The Holistic Pain Solution

Wellness within principles → SOraya’s story

Soraya's story

Soraya came to us May of 2023 with chronic back, neck, elbow and wrist pain. She was also experiencing low energy. She tried many other modalities and none has helped her address the root cause of her pain. After a thorough assessment. We found what’s causing her pain and creates a plan to help her get out of pain. After one month of working with us. Her pain was dramatically less and she understood WHY she was in pain and had the tools to keep herself out of pain. Now she’s able to go through the day without the nagging neck and back pain.

Soraya's review

“I was skeptical at first (during the initial assessment) but the results don’t lie! You’ll feel a difference after every session here.
I experienced chronic pain for the last 4 years, and doctors were not able to help me — referral after referral. However, David and Enqing were able to relieve my pain in two months. It turns out all the pain came from poor posture, breathing incorrectly, and weak inner core and spinal muscles. They help you fix that naturally! Physical therapists and chiropractors don’t stand a chance in comparison.
I love this studio’s approach because it allows you to find your body’s natural balance, with very minimal changes to your existing lifestyle. No surgeries or extreme diets, just a deep understanding of how the body works.
The things you learn here, you’ll be able to carry with you for the rest of your life, prevent future injuries, and share with your loved ones!”


What is the holistic approach?

We focus on looking at the body and health as a whole and addressing the 6 foundation areas that will help people get out of pain most efficiently and be independent. 6 principles of mindset, breathing, hydration, nutrition, sleep, and movement.

Explain 6 principles related to chronic pain.

1. Mindset

Our ability to believe we can do it is the first step toward a pain free life. We will take care of the “How to do it” part.

2. breathing

Our breath is our life force. The inability to breathe will limit recovery and stop our body from healing.

3. Hydration

Proper hydration decreases inflammation and heals joints and ligaments.

4. Nutrition

What we eat becomes what we use to heal and grow our body. Our system tests what food is right for you so you can heal from pain.

5. Sleep

Sleep is when our body detoxes, heals, and creates stronger bones, ligaments and muscles to keep your body out of pain.

6. Movement

Proper movement aligns the spine and the joints so you have less compression and compensation when you move and work.


What our clients say about us

Based on 197 reviews
Iris Chen
Iris Chen
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I don't normally write reviews but the experience here was amazing. My work requires me to sit in the office 9 to 9 everyday so my lower back always hurt and my body feels stiff. But eldoa exercise really helped me relief all the tension and stretched out my body. I felt much better physically and mentally. Thanks a lot for Michael being a wonderful instructor.
Bomi Kim
Bomi Kim
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First class is free so I highly recommend everybody try it. Ending is extremely knowledgeable, hands on and interactive despite it being a group class. I left the class feeling weightless and relaxed. Fascia stretching is such an interesting concept and I can see how doing this long term can really help with chronic pain and alignment.
Valerie Gonzalez
Valerie Gonzalez
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great class! my back, hips, and shoulders (which normally feel stiff) feel relaxed after just one session. the instructor Enqing is great at providing feedback and explaining how each movement should feel.
John Bryan Taylor
John Bryan Taylor
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Really great introduction. Enqing was very knowledgeable and attentive to the different needs of each participant.
Stephanie Chau
Stephanie Chau
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amazing class! Enqing is very knowledgeable in how to relieve pain and create strength. Highly recommend!
Geraldine Mahon
Geraldine Mahon
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My experience with wellness within studio, particularly Enqing was a game changer for me. I suffer from RLS, with only 5 sessions my legs completely settled down and my sleep improved dramatically. I got back my energy, I could not be more grateful.
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Excellent class! Michael was great and I definitely felt the difference after my first class. Highly recommend
Susan Liu
Susan Liu
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Took the first free ELDOA class today. The focus is on alignment and breathwork to lengthen the spine while learning to engage the deep core muscles and stretch the fascia. Sounds like an easy task but definitely difficult to do! I would definitely consider taking this class again or have an individual assessment in the future. Thanks, Enqing!

About Enqing

Hi there, my name is Enqing and I am a holistic health practitioner certified by the CHEK institute. My mission is to teach people that they have the power to keep their body healthy and they can become their own therapist. Growing up, I suffered from low back pain, knee pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and ankle pain as a result from 15 years of bodybuilding and powerlifting. I spent 7 years in the navy as a command fitness leader and that is where I found my passion of helping others with how their body works so they can achieve their goals.

I went to physical therapy and saw a chiropractor, but I was still stuck with pain. It was not until I learned about the 6 principles and put them into practice that I was completely out of pain. My dream is to teach and guide others to learn the skill and the tool of the 6 principles (mindset, breathing, hydration, nutrition, sleep and movement) so they can keep their body and mind healthy as long as possible.

Wellness within principles → Emily's story

Emily's story

Emily came into our wellness center suffering from low back and pain in the right hip for the last few years. Emily is a mother of a baby. She was also having some digestive challenges. After implementing the Wellness Within Method, she was pain free within 8 weeks and experienced less stress and more energy to take care of her family.

Emily's review

“Enqing has been fabulous to work with. He enters every interaction with curiosity and educates you about what is going on with your body. I’ve learned so much from him about how my body works together, stress, the foods my body needs, and much more. He does a great job at easing you into lifestyle changes never pushing but always re-educating. After 12 weeks, I’m already seeing the results in terms of pain relief, my body, and my stress. If you are looking for an approach that truly looks at ALL of you to help you with pain, weight, or stress, definitely work with Enqing. It’s worth it.”



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