ELDOA Decompression Therapy

Pain comes from compression of joints. What if you can actively decompress and open the space in between your joints? The answer is ELDOA.

What is Eldoa Decompression Therapy?

ELDOA exercises were designed by French Osteopath Dr. Guy Voyer.

These exercises are designed to create SPACE in the joints by using putting the myofascial chains into tension around a joint. When there is space in the joints, it will reduce pain and inflammation.

Myofascial solicitation engenders a postural normalizaion of the tissues and when performed as part of an ELDOA exercise it also results in postural muscle strengthening.

ELDOA exercises have been featured in shows like the Joe Rogan experience, and is used by professional athletes and sports teams all over the world.

When there's no compression of joints, there will be no pain.

This is for you if you’re suffering from:

Client Testimonials

“In town for work, major chronic back pain (muscles), Sunday morning after Thanksgiving, I was walking on my way to find some ibuprofen or anything to help this pain, passed his sign out on the sidewalk by total chance.

Enqing teaches you how to help yourself, better than the quick fix I was hoping for. He listened well, explained his understanding of my situation and how his method works. He observed that I was in pain and cut to the chase, showed me exercises that immediately gave relief AND the way toward long term improvement. That is the highest level of expertise. Outstanding. Effective.

David did a full assessment. The private sauna followed by cold water immersion was beautiful, peaceful, quiet. Which is the vibe of the whole place.

An amazing experience.”

– Frank R. 

“Enqing Is so knowledgeable at what he does! Before him, I never had a trainer that took the holistic approach. Went to him with very low energy everyday. He took me through a lot of breathing and core exercises that made me feel energetic after the workout instead of feeling drained. The gym is nice and clean. He really focuses on teaching and want you to be eventually independent on your own fitness journey. I feel so lucky to have him in the LIC neighborhood! Recommend for anyone who is under a lot of stress at work or simply wants to better their fitness.”

– Ken L.

“Enqing is all I was looking for and more in a holistic coach. He has taught me about muscles I didn’t even know I had that could be responsible for my various injuries and physical shortcomings, and that those same muscles may be partially responsible for my sleep and anxiety issues. Wow! Enqing understands the mind-body connection on such a deep level. Since working with him, I feel my body, my mind, and my heart are healthier. He has too many specialties to name here but I will just say that his knowledge and training in the realms of human physiology, psychology, and spirituality is incredibly impressive and I consider myself lucky to be a beneficiary of it!”

-Tony C.

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